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Florida Fishing Report | June 2013 Best Bets


Well fishing friends, the waters will soon begin to warm up on the flats and therefore start to push the trout out into deeper waters seeking the cooler temperatures. There have already been reports of good limits of trout being caught in 7 to 8 feet of water between the Econfina and Aucilla Rivers. Fishing the soft plastics on bottom will usually do the trick in the deeper depths for trout and the black sea bass. Although these fish will begin migrating into the deeper waters that doesn’t mean to automatically bypass all waters in between. You may still want to stop and test the different depths just to make sure you’re not missing fish that may not have started to move out yet. At the end of May there were still a lot of fish being caught in 4 to 7 feet of water.

Reds are beginning to be seen in larger schools with reports of these being caught in the 30” to 36” ranges. Some of the larger schools are still being seen down around the beach area and back up towards Spring Warrior. These larger fish will soon be moving on though leaving the slot fish behind for the anglers to prey on. Fishing in shallow waters using the top water and suspended plugs like the rattling red fins, skitter walks, super spooks and so on will produce some of the larger slot fish early in the mornings before the sun gets overhead. Fishing the deeper holes in the creeks that are not filled with grass using live shrimp will produce the lower end of the slot reds.

Good reports of lots of mullet being seen up and down the coast line and that’s good after not seeing many during the run season. Those that like to spearfish for the mullet will love that and l’ve already heard of folks kicking into gear with the spearfishing and getting plenty. I prefer the cast net method (it seems to keep me out of the jaws of what else might be lurking out there) for my fish. But whichever method you prefer the reports are definitely good on mullet right now.

Best bets for the trout would be to start testing the deeper waters fishing on bottom using the soft plastics. For the reds use the top water plugs early morning and then fish the deeper creeks using live shrimp or cut bait as the tide rises. Don’t forget to drop me a line or contact me through my website to report on recent fishing trips or to book a charter at www.bullredcharters.com. And always remember to include the kids in your outdoor plans and BOAT SAFELY!!


Florida Fishing Report | April 2013 Best Bets

Trout Bite Is Still Going Strong!!!

As March draws to an end the trout bite remains strong out of the Econfina and Aucilla Rivers. With the rains we got the first of March I think it only helped the fishing by putting a little stain in the water which means the sun doesn’t penetrate as deep and therefore continues to keep the water temperatures cooler. Some huge trout (6 to 7 pounds) are already being caught out of the Aucilla and Econfina and even back towards Spring Warrior. These trout haven’t even begun to put the weight on yet!! By mid May these larger fish can put on up to another ¾ to 1 pound of weight. With the fish being caught now means that come fishing tournament time it could take an extremely large fish to win. Fishing the creeks using corks and live shrimp will produce limits of trout right now. Some still prefer fishing the points and creek mouths using sinking and suspended plugs.

I’ve had reports of Reds being caught by pitching to the bank during the higher tides using Berkley Gulps and even some of the suspended plugs. Some folks continue to fish the deeper creeks using the live shrimp on bottom. However, the Reds really haven’t hit their peek yet, that should happen in the coming months as they start to pass through the area in larger schools. Remember in mid to late April you should be able to really take advantage of top water fishing as the waters start to warm and these fish become more aggressive (nothing like a top of the slot RED on top water)!

Best bets for the month of April will be to continue to fish for redfish in the creek mouths and points using live shrimp under corks and also in the deeper creeks on bottom with live shrimp. For trout fish the points and creek mouths using Berkley Gulps and the suspended and sinking plugs. As the water warms up break out the top water plugs for both Trout and Reds. As always send me a photo or drop me a line at www.bullredcharters.com and check out our new spring prices. Remember as spring time hits and the weather begins to warm up make sure to include the youngsters in all your outdoor plans.


Florida Fishing Report | Febuary 2013 Best Bets

Trout Season Remains Open!

Well as January ends and the colder weather has settled in the fishing has slowed a little as the water temperatures drop. The good thing is that there are more fish being caught in the Econfina and Aucilla Rivers. There have been good reports of limits of trout and reds being caught in the river especially during the early morning hours. The trout are also being caught out on the points and creek mouths when the sun is shining and skies are not cloudy so the shell bottoms can warm up.

Reds have been reported being caught in the deeper creeks while fishing using live shrimp and fishing on bottom. Some folks continue to fish the points using live shrimp under corks and do pretty well also. The best reports I’ve had on reds are coming from down around Rock Island and back towards Spring Warrior.

The mullet fishing around the Aucilla and Econfina rivers this winter has really been disappointing to say the least. There were very few roe mullet reported being caught during run season and even lately the reports are that mullet are still scarce. NOT EXACTLY SURE WHAT’S UP WITH THAT.

Remember trout season IS open during February this year so let’s book a trip. Best bets for the month of February would be to fish the points and creek mouths using the suspended plugs during the sunnier days. Fish the deeper areas of the rivers during the windy and overcast days using the suspended and sinking plugs. Also don’t forget to try the live shrimp on bottom in the deeper holes while in the rivers and creeks. Remember to make sure to pack enough warm clothes prior to leaving the ramp because it’s definitely going to be colder once you get out on the water, also make sure to watch the tides and winds prior to leaving land so you don’t get stranded. Feel free to drop me a line and or photo at www.bullredcharters.com about your fishing adventure or to book a charter. BOAT SAFELY and as always remember to include the kids in your outdoor adventure.


Florida Fishing Report | January 2013 Best Bets


Well folks can you believe that we are already in a new year. Seems like yesterday summer started. But with the New Year there comes some excellent fishing. The trout have been tearing it up and should continue to do so for the next couple of months as well. Fishing the points and creek mouths has been producing some huge trout. Most are being caught on shrimp under corks in the mouth of the creeks. Some folks are trying to capitalize on both trout and reds opting to fish with live shrimp on bottom in the creeks. For those of you that like to plug fish the ole faithful sinking 750 MirrOlure and the suspended 27MR MirrOlures have been catching lots of large fish on the points and creek mouths.

Like I mentioned above the reds continue to be caught in the creeks using live shrimp on bottom and also on the points and bars fishing the shrimp shallow under Cajun Thunders. A few reds have been picked up using the plugs but not as well as with the live shrimp.

The mullet must be going to make a late run this year because as I write this article 12-8-12 they are few and far between out of the Econfina and Aucilla Rivers. A few folks have started catching a few that have row but these are the first I’ve heard about with row in them. Not sure what caused this to happen this year but there’s been speculation about all the fresh water during the summer to the BP spill? I think it’s the good Lord working his magic.

Best bets for the month of January will be to continue to work the creeks and creek mouths using the live shrimp for trout and reds. Fish the points and creek mouths using the sinking 750 MirrOlure and the 27 MR for the larger trout. And as always before you leave the hill make sure you carry warm clothing and watch the tides as they will leave you in a minute this time of year. And last but not least remember to drop me a line or a photo at www.bullredcharters.com and don’t forget to include the children in all those outdoor plans. BOAT SAFE!


Florida Fishing Report | October 2012 Best Bets

Fishing to Pick-up!!

With October already here the trout fishing will definitely begin to pick up. The water will start cooling off and with that the trout will start returning to the flats. The waters out of the Econfina and Aucilla Rivers still remain stained but there is plenty of fish activity. We’ve seen tarpon moving through and also pod after pod of bait fish moving through the area and that will surely bring the predator fish in like the trout, reds, and blues. There has been some trout caught on the flats out in 5 to 7 feet of water.

Reds still remain a little scarce in the shallower waters right now due to the stained water but that will also change during the month of October. There have been redfish reportedly being caught out on the flats in the 4 to 6 feet of water. I ran through a school of top of the slot Reds a couple of weeks ago during a charter trip. We had several to break off that could have been over the slot and managed to boat a 26 incher. There have also been a few reds being caught west of the Aucilla River in some of the creeks.

I’ve been seeing more mullet jumping in the shallower waters the past couple of weeks than I had been seeing. But with the water being so dark you still can’t catch them with the old cast net. This too should change with the waters starting to cool off and hopefully start to clear.

Best bets for the month of October will be to fish the flats using soft plastics under a cork in about 4 to 7 feet of water. Fish the creeks using live shrimp for reds. And don’t forget to send me an e-mail or photo to www.bullredcharters.com to let me know how you did on your last fishing trip. Also give us a call to check out our fall and winter discount prices. And as always don’t forget to include the kids in all those outdoors plans and boat safe.

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