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Florida Fishing Report | May 2012 Best Bets

Trout are on the flats!!

Well folks May is here and the waters have certainly heated up for this time of the year. It almost seems we’re two months ahead of ourselves. The trout continue to bite and they have definitely hit the flats and some are being caught as far out as 8 to 10 feet of water. Trout continue to hit top water plugs like the Skitter Walks and Top Dogs in the early morning hours prior to the sun getting overhead. Trout also seem to be biting the New Penny and Pearl White 5” jerk shad back towards Rock Island and Spring Warrior. There are a few also being caught back towards the Aucilla in the 4.5 to 6 feet of water.  Fishing the deeper depths tight lining off the bottom seems to be producing some of the larger trout right now. There have been a few reports of anglers also catching a few cobia out on the flats.

The redfish still seem to be a hit and a miss out of the Econfina and Aucilla Rivers right now. Some days you can catch them and some days you can’t. Redfish also seem to be hitting the top water plugs right now in the early morning hours. Fishing the deeper creeks using live shrimp or even shiner tails also almost always does the trick.

There has also been a lot of Black Drum being caught in the deeper creeks this year. So when you’re fishing the creeks using live shrimp don’t be surprised if you happen to reel one up. The Black Drum are really good fighters like the Red Drum. Folks are also catching quite a few Spanish Mackerel out on the flats and in the creeks.

Mullet seem to be here one day and gone the next. One day you can go out and they’re everywhere and the next day you hardly see any at all. That’s why I say never leave the dock without the cast net, because the day you do leave it they’re everywhere!!

Bet Bests for the month of May will be to fish 6 to 8 feet of water for trout tight lining off the bottom and using corks fishing about 3.5 feet down using Berkley Gulps. Don’t hesitate to move on out as the sun gets overhead during the day and the waters heat on up. Hitting the waters early in the mornings using the top water plugs should produce some of the larger trout that continue to stay in close and should also produce the reds. And as always please be safe while out on the water and be courteous to the other boaters. Be sure to drop us a line or photo on our web page at www.bullredcharters.com. Keep those kids included in all your outdoor plans!


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