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Florida Fishing Report | August 2011 Best Bets

Well the fishing out of the Aucilla and Econfina Rivers continues to be slow with the water temperatures as high as they are right now. Most of the fish being caught has been out in deeper water around the 8 to 12 feet depths jigging on bottom with soft plastics. With a few still coming in 3 to 5 feed of water.  As we were coming in from scalloping the other day I met two men that had fished the morning tide in those shallower waters using cut bait. They had 9 nice trout and one blue fish. Some trout continue to be caught on top water plugs in shallow water also.

The Reds seem to be pretty plentiful right now. I’ve heard of several nice schools being spotted out from the rivers lately. Fishing the points during the higher tides or the shallower flats using top water plugs (Gold Badonk-A-Donks) when you can fish due to lots of grass. Some folks have been using the gold spoons and doing quite while with them. Fishing the right creeks with live shrimp will almost always produce fish.

I guess most of you have been wondering if the scallops are being gathered out of the rivers this year. Well there are some scallops out there but you need to gather them during the low tides due to their location. Most are in the 5 to 6 feet of water during the low tides. We went every day the week of the 4th of July and got our limit everyday, cleaned them on the boat and was back on the hill within 4 hours. The main thing to remember if you’re going out scalloping is to travel slow, watch for swimmers in the water,  stay a safe distance from the other boats, and don’t forget to fly you’re dive flag while you are in the water.

Best bets for the month of August would be fish the deeper waters bouncing jigs off the bottom for trout and black sea bass. Fish the points and shallower water using top water plugs early in the mornings if the tides permit to catch reds and maybe a trout. And don’t forget to fish the deeper creeks using live shrimp for reds and sheep head. As always don’t forget to give us a call or contact us on our web at www.bullredcharters.com to check out any summer specials we may be running during the summer months. Remember to be safe boaters while on the waters and don’t forget to include the children in all those outdoor plans.


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