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Florida Fishing Report | July 2011 Best Bets

Boy has it been hot the last couple of weeks!!!  With that being said I think the fish have gone to deep water.  We fished towards Spring Warrior a couple of weeks ago and managed to find a few trout and saw one good school of upper slot redfish. Seems that most of the trout have been coming in from 8, 10, or 12 feet of water.  There are still a few trout in the high grass in 2 to 4 feet of water, but its hard fishing without getting hung up in the grass using those top water plugs.  If you can find a spot to throw a top water plug without getting it grassed up the first twitch or two you can catch trout in this high grass.

The redfish still seem to be plentiful and these high grass areas are excellent to catch the reds. Throwing Berkley gulps under the Cajun thunders should help you catch these fish. Fishing around any of the outer or inshore bars during this time of year should produce redfish also.  If not, try fishing the deeper creeks on bottom using the old faithful (live shrimp) to catch reds.

I have been hearing some good reports on large bunches of mullet being spotted from Rock Island back towards the Aucilla River. Remember you can’t keep but 50 per person so don’t forget to throw the ole cast net in the boat next time you start to leave shore just in case you happen to stumble up on a bunch of mullet. Throwing around the grass line during the higher tides should produce a good mess for supper.  I’ve also got some good reports of lots of mullet being speared if you can get to the clearer waters where you can see.  It shouldn’t be too hard to find clear water since we’ve had little to no rain lately.

Don’t forget that scallop season is in (beginning June 25th) so keep a keen eye out for the snorkelers and make sure to keep a safe distance from any boat flying a dive flag. Not only do you need to look for boats flying dive flags but make sure to scan the water good for swimmers that may have gotten to far from their boats. Remember the limit for scallops is 2 gallons per person or 10 gallons per boat in the shell.  Also don’t forget to stay hydrated during this time out on the water as hot as it is, it doesn’t take long to become dehydrated, this means drinking as much water as possible.

Best bets for the month of July would be to fish the deeper  waters for trout. Fish around the inner and outer oyster bars using live shrimp or cut bait for reds, also don’t forget the deep creeks with live shrimp for reds.  Also, don’t be afraid to hook a live pinfish under a cork for a possible Cobia as I’m still hearing of folks hooking up with them.

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