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Florida Fishing Report | May 2011 Best Bets

Well , with April coming to a close and May just around the corner the fishing out of the Econfina and Aucilla Rivers has definitely slowed down.  This was mostly due to the rise in the water temperatures.  As the trout started hitting the flats in April some folks struggled to catch limits of fish. Most of the fish being caught seem to be coming from over around the Aucilla River and West.  The fish that are being caught out on the flats are being caught fishing under corks using the Berkley Pearl Whites and the old Greedy Gut Candy Corn color.   Most of the fish being caught on the flats are in  4 to 6 feet of water.  A few of the larger sow trout are still being caught on the grass line using the top water plugs like the Trout and Redfish Skitter Walks, Top Dogs, and the Rattling Red Fins.

Redfish are still being caught close in on the grass line from folks using the top water plugs. Fishing around the inner bars, creek mouths, and shallower grass flats will produce some of these larger redfish. Fishing the earlier morning hours using the top water plugs works better due to the fish not being able to spot the hooks on the plugs.  Fishing the deeper holes in the creeks using live shrimp will produce some of the smaller Redfish that are actually better to eat.

The mullet seem to still be around in large numbers.  I was fishing over towards the Aucilla River the other day and the bars back to the East out of the Aucilla were just loaded with mullet.  A couple of weeks ago we were back towards Rock Island and the same was true,  the mullet seemed to be everywhere.  So don’t forget to throw that old cast nest in the boat prior to leaving the hill.

Best Bets for the month of May would be to continue to fish around the 4 to 7 feet range of water using the Berkley Pearl White and New Penny under corks of course for trout.  Fish the grass lines using the top water plugs like the Skitter Walk and Top Dogs for the larger sow trout still trying to spawn and the larger redfish.  Also don’t forget to fish the deeper holes in the creeks using the live shrimp for the smaller reds.  As always don’t forget to include the children in all those outdoor plans.


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