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Florida Fishing Report | March 2011 Best Bets


Warmer Days Will Bring More Fish

With the days becoming longer the waters will begin to warm and the bait fish should start moving in and that will bring the larger fish.  Even though you couldn’t keep trout during the month of February the fishing was excellent on the days you could manage to get out.  But this month it’s all about to change as you can keep trout and with all the down time there shouldn’t be any excuses for not having your equipment in proper working order.

Fishing around the creek mouths and inner oyster bars using the sinking and suspended MirrOlures produced some nice trout during the full tide periods out of the Econfina and Aucilla Rivers during February.   I’ve had several excellent reports from folks over towards the Spring Warrior and Yates Creek areas on the trout and Reds.  Several larger schools of trout have been seen down in that area also.  As the waters continue to warm the trout will start to stack up on the shell bottom around the points where the bottom will warm up faster during the day.  Anchoring off these points as far as possible and still being able to catch them will produce large trout and plenty of them if you are there at the right time.

The Redfish continue to be caught in the creeks and on the inshore oyster bars using live shrimp and some on sinking plugs like the Catch 2000’s.  I’ve also heard of some large Reds being caught out from the Aucilla River in the past couple of days as the last couple of weeks of February began to warm-up with temperatures in the 70’s.  So during the month of March you best bets in my book would be to fish all the points and creeks mouths where there’s shell bottom using the sinking and suspended plugs and fish them slow.  For the Redfish I would fish the deeper holes in the creeks using the live shrimp on bottom and maybe fishing a sinking MirrOlure real slow in the creeks.  Don’t forget to drop us a line on our website to check-out our new spring prices.  Also, as always don’t forget to include the family and friends in all those outdoor plans.  Check out our website at www.bullredcharters.com and email us a photo of your Catch of the Day at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .


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